THEMAZE ScreenshotIt is getting more and more important for children and teenagers to develop a fundamental understanding of technology and IT in general. In this workshop the participants get a quick introduction in the programming language python and are then able to program their own animations and drawings in a short amount of time. We developed this course as learning module, which is now available for teachers to be used in their classes.

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Developed in the framework of the campaign eskills for jobs 2014 in cooperation with the Erlebe IT-Initiative der BITKOM.

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For the Let's Play!-Exhibition at the Kumu Art Museum at Tallinn I developed a Scratch-workshop with graphics of the Pudding Panic Games by Berlin-based game developer Kunststoff.
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A robot rolls along a line - this can't be too hard, you think? But what does the robot really have to learn in order to sniff out the line and not lose track? The Pi2Go is equipped with wheels and servo motors, as well as with distance and light sensors.

In the workshop, carried out by Pegx_Labs, you get to know the little robot and teach him what he needs to know to accomplish his not so easy task.

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Create your own avatar and program the famous computer game "Pong" along with your mothers, aunts or grandmothers!

We have funny, creative and crazy costumes you can try out to photograph yourself or each other. With the help of image editing programs we will integrate the pictures into the game of Pong.

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