Peggy Sylopp



Peggy is the founder of PexLabs, computer scientist, media artist with Master of Public Policy.

Her passion lies in the combination of art, technology and science, as with own artistic works or in the design of workshops or campaigns

2016 she wrote in cooperation with Fab Lab Berlin the concepts of two award-winning projects for the  BMBF Light Care call: "Costum DIY Limbs" with Annemarie Hackel and "Made for my Wheelchair" with Raul Krauthausen.

So she searched for her Public Policy Master's thesis about the potential of artistic work to pass on technical knowledge.


Since 2009 she works as a freelancer, developing topic-specific workshops and gamificated Guiding Tours and generating fundraising, e.g. for the Computerspielemuseum Berlin, Kumu Art Museum Tallinn and BITKOM.


Her installative and performative light arts are based oa.o. on motion detection, 2008, she was nominated together with her partner Giovanni Longo the German Sound Art Award.

Peggy was invited by the Goethe-Institut Porto Alegre, Brazil to the MALM 2015 (MALM - Media Art Lab Mercosul) entrusted with the artistic direction of the exhibition "Observation Space". It involved five South American Artists inside and the departments of art and computer science of the UFRGS.

Currently she's engaged in the Freifunk initiative for free internet in refugee shelters in Pankow / Weissensee.



Focus and passion of 20-year-old Luz (Sylopp) is communicating with people and work with children and teenagers. She has already won a lot of experience during various internships in their schooling and would like to make pedagogy and didactics to their profession. In PexLabs brings the perspective of a young, criticized her mother's work (of course, always constructive) and coordinated independently workshops.



Gregoa supports PexLabs since beginning. As a DJ he plays freely licensed sound and produces with the label "Hand-Rich" Highly Compact Mobile Sound Art. In PexLabs Gregoa helps with system administrations and other Frickel support, often even if the air is burnin