pexlabs teamfoto Meshcon

On October 3rd, 2015 we spontaneously participated in the Meshcon and set up our workshop area in the tent. Many children, along with their parents, wanted to know how our Raspie works and had a lot of fun to let him find other ways, or let him roll faster. We also showed, how the used python code had to be changed and explained a little, how the hardware works.

The next day we went to the MakerFaire and had some space in the FabLab area. Here the table which we used to show our Raspie was much higher. Since the Pi2Go sometimes still lost his track and had to look for a new one, he needed to be protected from accidents.A fall from this height would not have been pleasurable for him. Thus, in the morning right before the event, we taught him how to find his old way again, which was save for him, instead of allowing the Rapsie to seek a new one. So he unwearily rolled along, let people gaze at him, and enjoyed, that interested people taught him new ways to move ahead, or experimented with him.  




The first badge of stickers are being printed in our base, the FabLab Berlin.