We (Peggy and daughter Luz) traveled to Erbil and Dohuk to hold workshops with PASCH pupils in NANO (partner schools of future in Middle East and North Africa) about "locations of  future".

We worked with creative methods and gave an aesthetic and technical introduction to video editing, a preperation for the annually competition of the PASCH schools.

It was exciting to experience the life and engagement of the teenagers for their country.


From 12/31/16 to 02/28/17 you can vote on the PASCH website for one of the uploaded videos, on 03.10.2017, the winners will be announced. We'll keep you updated.


Many thanks to the Goethe-Institut Erbil for invitation


Video Workshop

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We had two Meetups "Newcomers and (digital) Social Networking" and "Art & Activism for refugee inclusion" and a Freifunk-Workshop for the exchange between refugees/newcomers and experts from in digital publishing, marketing, public policy, internet activism and newcommer engagement.

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Our issues:

  • Overcome the digital divide between newcomers, activists and experts
  • Bridging the gap between decision makers and
  • the actual needs of the newcommers
  • How can newcommers reach the public for their needs and creative output?

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The event was a follow-up to the festival happening last year with over 500 participants Re:Fugee:Ca,

See the program here:


Don't miss the podcast: http://muckefunk.de/2016/05/12/rpten/


Our computer generated painting workshop at TechnoXamanism Meeting in Berlin

Video - see the robot painting

Pi2Paint Workshop

20th of June, 4 to  7pm

Prenzlauer Allee 242, 10405 Berlin


womansday 2b kl

Dear Girls!

pexlab.space invites you warmly to experiment with maker technologies.

We'll make a small tour, show you the maker machines like laser- and vinyl cutter, knitting machines and 3d printer.

After that we will print out a 3D model. For the Laser Cutter

we'll ourselves create an shape and cut it out.

Don't hesitate to contact us (see contact below), ask questions and join us for our monthly meetings <3

If possible, bring laptop and mouse with you (not necessarily).


contribution for printing: 0,10 EU/Min


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+++ we're looking for mentors +++

If you feel like helping us organizationally and technically get in contact with us.

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Pi2Go Hand cropped

Our Raspies would love to see more, so we are taking them to this year's Chaos Communication Congress, the 32c3, in Hamburg.


On Dec. 28th, we will be giving 3 courses, each lasting for about 60 minutes.

We do not know the exact time, we will inform you via twitter: @pex_labs

kidspace rocket

 and you can look it up at kidspace

We are looking forward to meeting you there!