Demo in Jupyter notebook

With \\ NoIze // create the basic for a selective open source noise filter that can be implemented in various hardware and software environments. The goal is that \\ NoIze // can be used in mobile solutions such as Hearables or smartphones, the targeted filtering of everyday noise environments.

The application scenarios affect many people: We live in a noisy environment, where even quiet ambient noise can cause stress, loud noises can cause hearing damage.

By targeted filtering out burdensome and the comprehensibility restricting noise can \\ NoIze // contribute to health, prevention of hearing loss and better hearing.
The implementation, customization and maintenance of the \\ NoIze // application in Hearables like headsets,
Earbuds or computers and smartphones allow commercial exploitation.
We want to continuously extend the results of the NoIze prototype in terms of reliability of the
Algorithms and application in everyday acoustic situations as well as security in handling the data.

A project by Peggy Sylopp and Asilyn Rose





The implementation is based on CNN and Wiener filter, find code and description on
Tutorial in Jupyter notebook

Meet us:

02.09.2019 Demo-Day Prototypefund, first presentation

10.09.2019 Python for Noise filters, PyLadies Meetup Berlin, Workshop

11.10.2019 "Take control of your hearing: Accessible methods to build a smart noise filter", PyCon Berlin, Talk

19.10.2019 Open Source Diversity Contribution Day Workshop

Funded by BMBF in the framework of Prototype Fund, thank you!