Citizen Science Project

We explore with Fraunhofer IDMT concepts and design approaches for adaptive "Hearables" using Citizen Sciences methods, Co-design, hackathons, individual field studies to reach a broad public with PR, demos and (art) exhibitions.

Participate, research with us!

Feel free to join us, these are your options:

1. Participate in a soundwalk

with our # like2hear prototypes in Berlin in a park, in traffic and a restaurant. You make personalized settings of the hearing amplification via the like2hear-app. The research is suitable for people with no to moderate, symmetrical hearing loss. Next time is August 20th. There will be another possibility in the middle of September. If you want to participate, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



2. Fill out our online survey

Sharing your experiences, needs and wishes with Hearables or hearing aids (in German) (takes approx. 10 min)


3. Join the #hack4ears Hackathon in Berlin on the 8th and 9th of November2019

with workshops and talks, to which we cordially invite you. What is needed are ideas for the future of the Hearables, no special technical knowledge is required.

Registration and (preliminary) information here:


4. You build your own research prototype.

For this purpose, we publish source code and construction manual of our # like2hear test device with app, presumably before the hackathon. (Prototype and hardware are based on this project: Please let us know if you want to be informed about the release or follow us on Twitter


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