I planned 2016 the projects "Made for my wheelchair" with lead users Raul Krauthausen (founder of SOZIALHELDEN) and "Costum DIY Limbs" with Anemarie Hackel. Both are citizen science projects for assistive technologies based on DIY maker technologies.

The projects are now running at Fab Lab Berlin in cooperation with ottobock, the lead users are involved als active parts of the development of the products. The application of maker technologies aims on democratization of technologies and the empowerment of the user to potentially design and produce their own products.

The projects got prized by the Photonic Call "Light Cares" of BMBF on behalf of Fab Lab Berlin.

See here a prototype of Annemarie Hackels forearm prosthesis. The existing hand is scanned and functions as pattern for the 3d print of the costum-designed 3d printed prosthesis.


Author: Peggy Sylopp