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We work with refugees, young and elderly people every ages in an inclusive way, bringing people together for a creative research to solve complex problems with simple social or technique hacks.

Inspired by media arts and hackerculture, we combine freedom of information, analog and digital technology, and art.

We open technological devices and social structures and have a look at what's inside them, find out how they work, and encourage interested people of all ages to realise their ideas with technological and artistical means.




In May 2017 we visited Brazil in the search of Free Digital Territories - self organized network communities. We interviewed people what's motivating them and how they realize internet access for their communities.
A Freifunk-project in artistical context.
See the travelling blog with podcasts and photos.

03.10.2017 64. Netzpolitischer Abend: watch video (German)
19.10.2017 Software Freedom Day: watch video (German)

Read also article (German) of Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, who sponsored the journey and interviewed me.


Bahia - Porto Seguro



We're up to organize the


Female artists and newcomer women meet, make arts and create visions about digital locations of future.

.. and post them on our NWA-Blog.

 Info-Meetup on Tuesdays 6 pm at
NUK Stresemannstr. 95, 15th floor (close to at Potsdamer Platz at former Hotel BelAhr)

any kind support warmly welcome <3

Read more about the NWA here



Start Citizen Science Project

We explore with Fraunhofer IDMT concepts and design approaches for adaptive "Hearables" using Citizen Sciences methods, Co-design, hackathons, individual field studies to reach a broad public with PR, demos and (art) exhibitions.

Sponsored by BMBF

We concepted, raised funds and managed the project of "Co-Designing a digital service for refugees and supporters".

We catogrized a stakeholdermap about 50 private and public stakeholders in the  field or refugee help: Consulting, politics, administration, grassroot initiatives, work inclusion, art projects, social support, internet access.

We organized the MeetUps "Perspektiven wechseln Weissensee" in Berlin Weissensee and interviewed half-standardized about 30 refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia about their basic needs and their use of devices and apps.

Based on our knowledge about the basic needs of refugees and supporters we tested 50 apps for refugees and analyzed critically their range.

In two Co-Design Workshops together with refugees and and stakeholders supporting them topics and the results were presented and discussed.

Finally we gave report and recommendations for the implementation of refugee apps and access to internet.


A project on Behalf of Archive of Youth Culture

Founded by
Federal Agency for Civic Education
Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Migration, Flüchtlinge und Integration, Aydan Özoguz


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